Internet of Things (IoT) is the zeitgeist of the modern tech revolution. In the future, IoT will be the centerpiece of every connected system in the world. According to Forbes, IoT market worth is expected to cross $260 billion by 2020. Like every industry, the restaurant business is going through a transformation amid technological changes in the world. The restaurant industry is an ever-expanding market where automation and tech can save billions in cost and significantly increase productivity and customer experience.

Restaurants that will adopt IoT will satisfy their customers and aim for new opportunities will thrive. Below are ways how it will revolutionize the restaurant industry.

Remote Monitoring

Restaurant managers can remotely monitor cooking equipment such as ovens to improve the efficiency of cooking and maintain food quality. Each equipment will have a sensor attached to it which will send data to cloud where the data will be evaluated and recommendations or alerts will be sent to computers or mobile phones. The response to alerts can be to turn off any malfunction device or automatically adjust its settings. Moreover, it can inform when maintenance is required, guide about the correct procedure for maintenance and automatically place orders for required parts.

Reduce Energy Cost

Internet of Things can also be used to manage temperature and evaluate energy consumption of cooking equipment and send real time alerts of any problem noticed. It would help to reduce failures and maintenance costs.

Food Safety & Waste Management

IoT is working hard to maintain food safety. Equipment like ovens, food warming equipment or refrigerators have sensors which are connected to cloud for reporting real time temperature and other useful data. By remotely monitoring the temperature of oven or refrigerator, you can make sure product quality is maintained. It can also help in food waste management to control food storage by analyzing. This will prevent food waste. The data will be sent to kitchen manager for inspection, proving accurate insight ingredient details.

Bluetooth Beacons

Beacons are devices connected with Bluetooth having direct marketing capabilities. They connect to smart phones when the customers are nearby to communicate with them by sending alerts about a restaurant based on customer’s preference. The notifications can have information of different deals going on at the restaurant; a low cost marketing tool to increase customer’s inflow to the restaurant. Moreover, restaurants will have customer data which they can use to increase their sales by developing required strategies.