Fabio Moioli

Pretty soon, and in the not-too-distant future, most likely measured in years rather than decades, just about everything will be connected over networks. And by this, I mean literally just about every human-made object. With the ability to put low-power digital radios in just about anything that isn’t sub-microscopic, the technology world is now preparing to usher in a world where all things have active sensors and can create a data stream that can be sensed, identified, and captured.

This super-connectedness will enable profound new possibilities and capabilities, which can be extremely beneficial to all of us. Combine ambient data on just about any physically manufactured object — from car tires and milk cartons to shipping containers and test tubes — with pervasive wearable technologies that constantly present us with insights, and you have a world (and a workplace) that will rapidly turn into a contemporary merge of digital and physical dimensions, combining the best of the two worlds.

We can create in this way a realm where people and business can amplify their senses and impact… exchanging insights between humans and devices in such a way that humans can stay focused on what they love more… while everything will be intelligently moving and interacting around them. Looking forward, the greatest value will be eventually generated by augmenting the relationships between people, devices, and physical/digital spaces, where these new experiences will take place.

source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/1-million-new-iot-devices-every-hour-day-world-soon-number-moioli/