Vikram Singh Bisen

Reference Image: AI Uses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing a drastic change in technological fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for more efficiency and performance.

AI is now getting used in multiple fields from simply your mobile phone to diagnosing the diseases providing a high-performance and accurate system work with efficiency.

Where AI is Used Today?

Here we will discuss what are major things and fields AI is used and under process to get fully implemented and launched in upcoming years. This technology can be developed only through computer vision machine learning training.

Here we will discuss mainly the fields or industries where AI is used today and playing an important role in helping humans to work with better performance and efficiency without the help of humans.

Use of AI in Following Things/Fields/Areas:

  • Virtual Assistant or Chatbots
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Autonomous Flying
  • Retail, Shopping and Fashion
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Sports Analytics and Activities
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Live Stock and Inventory Management
  • Self-driving Cars or Autonomous Vehicles
  • Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis
  • Warehousing and Logistic Supply Chain

AI in Virtual Assistance

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistance are the major examples of virtual assistance while automated bots answering the questions of customers are the example of AI-based chatbots working with the best performance.

AI techniques are used in Chatbots to automate the customer support and assistance system more expedient and trouble-free. Chatbots can transform your business with multiple benefits keeping the client-customer relationship more intact.

AI in Agriculture

In the agriculture sector Autonomous Tractors and Drone Monitoring are used to enhance the productivity and crop yield of farmlands. Robots and automated machines are also used in these fields to monitor crop health conditions and harvesting.

AI can help agriculture to boost crop productivity with better plat healthand weather monitoring systems while making the entire process trouble-free. And data is also gathered to further train such models work in agricultural or farming related fields.

AI in Automotive

Autonomous Vehicles or Self-driving Cars are the other examples of AI, fully integrated into such a system to make the machine work automatically while understanding the nearby surroundings and real-world scenario.

AI-based face recognition and biometric system helping to keep track the human beings and provide a safe zone to live. Security cameras and other surveillance equipment are widely used to keep the cities and habitat safe.

Automated assembly lines in automotive sectors are making cars with higher production. While AI is ADAS technology is helping to make the car driving more safe and effortless with semi-automatic features to alert drivers or assist them in case of negligence or rash driving.

AI in E-commerce

E-commerce backed automated warehousing and supply chain management is reducing the manpower and helping storage companies to manage the huge amount of stock or inventory with proper management and supply system.

This system is also helping e-commerce sector to operate with better efficiency and improve their operating margins.

The AI-based automated warehousing management system is not only getting benefits but machine learning is improving the online shopping experience of the customers.

Automated robots are handling the inventory performing various tedious with better efficiency allowing humans to get involved in decision-making tasks to improve the overall supply-chain and logistic management.

This technology is also providing insights of customers to companies using sentiment analysis to understand their feelings and offer them better products and services to gain more market share in the industry.

AI in Healthcare

Similarly, AI in healthcare sector is playing a vital role in empowering the machines to diagnosis, analyze and predict the various types of diseases, and monitor the patient’s health conditions.

It is also helping scientists to explore the new drug discoveries and medicine development providing the more effective treatments for people to get well soon and avoid health problems in their life.

AI in radiology is playing a crucial role in detecting different types of critical diseases with the best level of accuracy making the medical diagnosis and treatment process faster.

AI is benefiting humans in multiple ways making their life more automated with better accessibility and control of various things around us.

However, AI is possible into these things only when a model is well-trained through the right machine learning training data using the right algorithms to make it fully functional into their relevant fields.

And training data for AI is basically available for computer vision training through image annotation for creating label data. The main purpose of image annotation is to develop AI models for different fields.

Many companies are providing testing and training data to develop AI-enabled models through machine learning.

And further with the availability of big data for deep learning will help to integrate the AI into various other key areas taking the automated technology to the next level with zero flaws and maximum efficiency.