All too often, we believe smart home ideas and solutions only apply to our main living spaces. While we do spend plenty of time in our living rooms, kitchens, and home theater room, there is one area in the home that can still benefit from smart home automation ideas – our bedrooms!

Instead of feeling trapped in the past, consider taking the time to simplify and smarten your master bedroom with a few smart home automation ideas. Being able to minimize daily tasks and routines, so you can maximize your time at home, is a great way to restore balance in your life.

If you’re ready to integrate the right smart home ideas into your bedroom, we have some terrific technology suggestions that will simplify the start and end of your day.

Why Include Home Automation in Your Master Bedroom?

While we might not spend the bulk of our time in our bedrooms, it’s still an important part of the home. Many of us view this space as a personal oasis, so being able to make this space comfortable and adaptable is just going to enhance your time at home and minimize your daily routine.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can make your bedroom a quiet, high tech atmosphere, or an extension of your smart home entertainment center. It’s all about finding the right smart home devices to complete your space.

Everyday Smart Home Essentials

Sometimes, the best way to upgrade our bedroom is by starting small. If you’re newer to the world of smart home automation, you might not know where to begin – and that’s okay! When in doubt, stick with basic devices until you can meet with a smart home automation professional. Once you’ve established your smart home needs, it will be easier to find systems and devices that are fully compatible with your home.

For the most helpful smart bedroom devices, it’s best to think practically. How can you proactively save money, time, and energy in this space? Consider a few of the most helpful, smart home devices, as you figure out more of the essential needs of your smart home.

  • Smart thermostats
    • If you find yourself constantly forgetting to adjust your bedroom’s temperature, a smart thermostat is going to eliminate this problem completely. Devices such as the Nest thermostat or Ecobee are going to adjust themselves automatically based on your preset temperature preferences – or you can adjust them on the go. You won’t have any more unexpected high bills waiting for you at the end of the month.
  • Automated smart lighting systems
    • Integrating smart lights is an easy way to walk into an inviting and open space at the end of the day. Smart lighting controls can be as simple as touching a button on your smartphone or asking your smart home hub to do the work for you. Plus, if you forget to turn out the lights, you can simply check the status of your bedroom lighting system from your smartphone.
  • Smart plugs
    • These devices are great for small items in your bedroom. Whether it’s a for a bedside lamp, electric blanket, or dehumidifier, you can access all these devices directly from your smartphone or smart home hub.
  • Smart Shades
    • Automatic shades and blinds are great for filtering out impactful heat and UV rays from the sun. You’ll be able to quickly and easily block out harsh lighting and remove possible glare from the sun.
  • Smart Home Hub
    • Amazon Echo’s and Google Home’s have made themselves known for quite some time, but when it comes to the home, we typically keep these devices in our living rooms instead of our bedrooms. Rather than have a typical alarm clock, make your smart home your alarm instead. Plus, you’ll be able to access other devices from your smart home hub, such as light bulbs, smart locks, and other incredible accessories in your bedroom.

Ultimate Home Tech Upgrade

For those who want incredible smart home devices in your bedroom, there are certain pieces of up and coming technology that will quickly change your sleep experience, and time at home. While it’s nice to have smart devices and home controls in our bedrooms, there are a few newer devices that are ideal for building the smart bedroom you’ve always wanted.

  • Sleep Tracker
    • There are many of us who toss and turn in the night, looking for a better night’s sleep. However, what happens when we can’t seem to find the well-deserved rest we need to jump-start the day? New technology and smart home resources are changing our imperfect sleep habits, by developing automated sleep trackers. Items like the Sense Pill and Aura Smart Sleep System help monitor your sleeping habits, movements, and cycles of deep sleep. You’ll be able to find applicable sleep patterns from your weekly sleep habits, and your smart device will offer recommendations to help your sleep habits.
  • Automated Purifying Fan or Air Filter
    • Seasonal allergies and weather tend to cause friction when it comes to our health. With a smart purifying fan or air filter, you can connect to the device via wifi or Bluetooth to activate the purifier. Once connected, it can measure the current airflow around your room, guaranteeing cleaner air – and it ensures your device is actually working!
  • Motion Sensor Under Bed Lighting
    • If you have to get up in the night, but don’t want to wake anybody with overhead lights, motion-activated lighting is the perfect solution. You won’t disrupt anyone by fumbling around with the lights or walking in the dark. These lights will automatically activate once the sensors register your feet hitting the floor.
  • Smart Home AV Entertainment System
    • Smart TV’s and sound systems aren’t limited to the living room. You can bring all the incredible smart home tech you love into your bedroom as well. Experiencing movie night from the comfort of bed will still feel like you’re going to the movies.