Light fixtures that intuit your desired brightness throughout the day, voice-controlled entertainment systems and appliances, self-adjusting room temperature controls that learn your preferred settings, and smart lock systems that detect your presence. These are just some of the incredible automations that Wi-Fi-controlled smart home equipment and smart home technology have to offer.

What is A Smart Home?

With increasing advancements in the field of smart home technology, the possibilities of home convenience are ever increasing. But what exactly is a smart home, and what exactly is home automation? In short, a smart home is a home that utilizes Wi-Fi-enabled smart home devices. These devices use sensors, actuators, voice control, and Bluetooth and are connected to users through a central control hub, oftentimes a smart phone. This constitutes what we call home automation, communicating with the hub and the user, and activating based on programmed settings. When integrated, these devices go beyond wireless control and provide users with convenience through intuitive activation, like lights turning on and off by itself when someone enters and exits a room.

Smart Home Provides New and Improved Ways of Living

Whether it is the automated adjusting of temperature, in-home light controls, or the security functions of a smart lock, the smart home of the future provides new and improved ways of living. Consider voice activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa. Through its voice-controlled home automation, a person can make a phone call or choose a song to play. In time, connected home devices will enable voice-activated home automation for all devices.

Smart Home Automation

Home automation and security can be integrated in a plethora of ways within the smart home. Through in home automation security, Wi-Fi monitoring and in-home sensors, smart home owners will never need to worry while away. Smart home security can put homeowner’s fears at ease. In the event of an intruder, sensors will activate, sounding an alert system that will notify the home owner’s smart phone. Smart locks integrated with smart home automation can also be controlled remotely or used to detect key holders approaching.

The Capabilities of The Smart Home

It is no wonder there is ever growing interest in the capabilities of the smart home. Whether its lighting controls, room temperature functions, voice activated entertainment systems, or smart home automated security, smart homes automation offers users major conveniences.