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Internet of Things Examples and Applications

Think of IoT as doing one or more of the following; increasing efficiency, improving health/safety, or creating better experiences. Here are some examples By Calum McClelland The Internet of...

The Impact of IoT on the Commercial Real Estate Industry

By Guest Writer  - November 7, 2018 The Internet of Things (IoT) has received varying degrees of coverage over the past few years, and it’s undoubtedly progressing rapidly....

The moment a 13 year old cancer survivor meets his saviour!

Give... love, smiles, help, money, knowledge, organs, blood, anything you can. To anybody in need. When you give, you heal inside.

How IoT Can Help With the Aging Population Problem

The world is still figuring out how best to care for aging populations whose life expectancies are only increasing. IoT has the power to...

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